Close Up Journey II by Paul A. Lelekis eBook DOWNLOAD

This eBook teaches you fabulous effects, plus it has an essay, "How Do I Control My Spectators?" In addition, it contains a glossary of sleights. 

Effects included are: 

My Sister's Meatballs
 - Paul's "take" on an Eddie Fechter Sponge Ball routine that has NEVER been published before! Involve your spectator! 

QT - A beautiful "quickie" Triumph routine! 

4 Different Methods - A coin routine that will have the spectators (especially the children!), howling with laughter... guaranteed! 

COMMITTED! - An excellent ESP routine! 

Metallic Attraction - A coin assembly, unlike ANY coin routine you've ever seen! 

Embarrassing Bluff Aces - A VERY strange Ace assembly with TWO huge "kickers"! This one is so much fun to perform! 

Choices - A Harry Lorayne effect that has TWO major effects... and it is totally self-working! 

Download the eBook and start learning!

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