DYAD TRILOGY by Abhinav Bothravideo DOWNLOAD


3 gimmickless in-hand card tricks. 

In this video download, you'll find: 

AMBIENCE: A multi-utility card move that can be used either as a control-to-the-top or as a reversal-at-the-bottom. 

DYAD: An in-hand Card At Any Number. 

DYAD 2.0: An in-hand two card transposition with a surreal ending. 

DYAD 3.0: An unusual card trick based on the idea of an in-hand Triumph with a color-changing deck finale. 

Honest note: Each of the 3 clips in the demo video was shot in one single take to let you see how it looks in real time. 

Video length: 20 minutes 

Download the video and start learning!

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