Magical Patents: Secret Archive of Illusion Secrets (CD) - DVD

Over 200 complete illusion patents by Houdini, Thurston, De Kolta, Downs, Goldin, and other inventive magic geniuses.

  • An essential source for the illusionist and magical inventor!
  • 231 U.S. patents for magic effects from 1868-1960
  • Over 1000 pages of patents
  • Full drawings and descriptions
  • Study the secrets of some of history's greatest levitations, appearances, vanishes, transpositions, mirror illusions, and apparatus effects.
  • Convenient PDF format on CD
Magical Patents brings you the largest collection of magicians' patents ever assembled! 

You'll learn the inner secrets of some of magic's most famous illusions with versions of Sawing a Woman in Half, the Aga Levitation, the Million Dollar Mystery, Pepper's Ghost, plus hundreds of other classics and little-known effects! 

This collection will show you mechanical details and nuances you never knew, and reveal the genius of some of magic's finest inventors. 

Endlessly fascinating, Magical Patents is a course in bygone illusion techniques and will spark new ideas based on these forgotten mysteries!

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