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Author Chris Rawlins is a young, inventive mentalist who just loves to share his work and ideas with fellow performers. In this, his second book, Chris offers a combination of full routines, moves, additions and essays, all of which come with his own personal stamp and twist. 

Credit Guard is a clever idea using a borrowed credit card. It concludes with you revealing four numbers from the card. 

Clipboard Peek details a simple yet effective way to create a peek device from an innocent-looking clipboard. 

In My Version of a Classic, Chris puts his mind to creating a practical solution for the Chair Test. 

Scramble is an impossible-seeming word prediction. 

Phonebook Prediction Addition gives you Chris's tweak on a strong Banachek phonebook test. 

My Yellow Ball that Fooled Marc Oberon is a cheeky idea in which you unerringly can reveal under which of three cups a bright yellow ball is hidden. 

Kicker Chirp Top is a nifty little prediction idea for close-up using two poker chips. 

The Push Slide Peek is a modernization of an old card move. 

A Little Lead In is an intro which could be used as a set up for a more major routine. 

With P.I., Chris takes a killer principle of Luke Jermay and harnesses it for a strong close-up mental routine. 

If you enjoy modern mentalism, you'll enjoy this 70-page eBook. 

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